ETB Global: enabling bio-plastic and bio-rubber for life and industry
Playing with chemical tools for sustainable development
1,3-butadiene is a building block in plastics, rubber and other chemicals compositions.

Every day an average person uses more than 30 items which were produced using BD derived plastics and rubber.

Over 95% of the butadiene produced today is fossil-based.

This means that car tires, medical equipment, Lego toys, perfumes and many other things made with butadiene have a high carbon footprint.

Our Solution
ETB developed a process to produce Bio-butadiene with state-of-the-art conversion and selectivity from bio-ethanol.
Our Partners
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Meet Our Team
ETB team consists of specialists in catalysis, chemical engineering and O&G industry with strong entrepreneurial spirit and business experience. Our scientists are recognized in the European and global catalysis scientific society and petrochemical industry. The core team, who will also take part in this project, consists of:
Noah Vladimir Hirsch Trembovolsky
CEO & Founder
CEO, co-Founder, MBA, powered by entrepreneurial spirit, backed by 15 years of managerial roles across diverse industries, VC investor. Previously he has also been an investment director of a fund with total assets of $15mln. Following his MBA (graduated with distinction), he participated in a bootcamp from global leaders in San Francisco and invite-only program for emerging leaders at Stanford University. Noah Vladimir has a deep understanding of the chemical industry and its transition to bio-based feedstock. Based in the Netherlands. Works full time (1 FTE) for ETB BV.
Ernest Lempers
CFO & Co-Owner
Ernest Lempers is the latest addition to the team of ETB and has recently joined the company as CFO, angel investor and shareholder in 2022. Ernest Lempers is a Business developer with nearly 30 years of experience, of which the last 16 years in a CEO position, in business strategy, sales and marketing, logistics and HR. The last 5 years Ernest Lempers was the CEO / CFO of Innosolids BV. Within ETB, Ernest Lempers will be responsible for finance, sales and strategy. The extensive network and experience of Ernest in the chemical industry and the region are essential for the next steps that ETB is taking to becoming a European company with its base in the Limburg region.
Vitaly Sushkevich
Lead Engineer, Co-Founder
Dr. Sushkevich is a specialist in inorganic chemistry and spectroscopy, competent and versatile chemist with a strong engineering background. He holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry, and is a (co-) author of more than 50 publications and 11 patents. Sushkevich has an extensive working experience with a wide variety of materials synthesis and characterization tools. Internships at leading laboratories of Denmark, Germany and France. Natural skills in managing multi-cultural and multi- disciplinary teams at all levels of responsibility. Recipient of multiple national and international awards in recognition of high-quality ground-breaking research and innovation, published in Science magazine.
Andrei Smirnov
CTO & Co-Founder
Ph. D, internship in ENSCM (Montpellier, France), leading researcher at the laboratory of Kinetics and Catalysis at Chemistry Department, has over 50 scientific publications and 12 patents, participated in more than 30 projects on catalysis with leading chemical companies, such as General Electric and Total.
Irina Ivanova
Lead Scientist & Co-Founder
Dr. Sc., was a visiting scientist at Namur University (Namur, Belgium), ITQ (Valencia, Spain) and ENSCM (Montpellier, France); Head of the laboratory of the Catalysts of Petrochemical Processes at Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis; has more than 400 publications and 50 patents, managed more than 15 scientific projects with the world's leading petrochemical and chemical companies.
Nikolay Tolkachev
Leading Chemical Engineer
Ph.D, experienced researcher of catalysts and catalytic processes. Experienced in management and coordination of international teams’ efforts in engineering design of industrial plants. Experienced in analyzing CAPEX & OPEX for the construction and operation of industrial plants. Worked both for state and private companies in O&G and investments sectors.