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ETB potential customers
Butadiene is a global EUR multi-billion market, expected to reach 23.5 billion USA dollars by 2027, with an CAGR at least 3,5%. It means that potential market for the solution is large. The most promising regions for commercialization are: USA, Brazil, China, India, other Southeast Asian countries (present leaders of ethanol production).

Styrene-Butadiene (SBR) , Polybutadiene (BR), Nytrile-Butadiene (NBR) rubbers and Acrilonytrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) plastic producers are potential customers of our end-product. Naphta-based butadiene producers are the direct customers, who would use our catalytic technology in their own existing facilities. Ethanol producers would cooperate with ETB as raw materials suppliers.

We bring the industry a way to shift the production of the most important building block in rubber and plastic industry from fossil-based feedstock to bio-based. Thus, opening a way to bio-based rubbers for tires, plastic for corps and helmets and dozens of other materials used in our everyday products. For ethanol producers it’s a new revenue stream independent from petroleum market which is subsidized and turning to electrical transport year over year.
Organic derivatives of butadiene
ETB Global's process for producing bio-butadiene from ethanol can be implemented in the production of Nylon 12, Nylon 66 and their derivatives used in the perfume industry to produce fragrances, which will reduce the use of fossil resources.
Information for investors
Here you can download presentation in PDF with information for investors and potential clients. We're always open for cooperation :)
ETB future plans
The main ETB goal is to switch butadiene consumers to bio-based way of production. Now, being at the stage TRL6, we predict that we are well-positioned to commercialize our technology by 2025: together with the team we’ve already tested the process at laboratory unit, proved its scalability from several grams to dozens of kilograms of butadiene at pilot plant. Our next step on the way to the goal is testing integrated pilot plant and to validate whole value chain from biomass to the end customer in Chemelot campus with the help of EU partners.
Intellectual Property
Since the business model of ETB Global BV is licensing out the technology, we are fully aware of the importance of our patent portfolio. In fact, the extensive protection covered by the patents is one of the strengths of our innovation.

The process and the catalyst are protected by patents in 20 countries including the EU, USA, China, and Japan.

Here you can find the full list of our active patent portfolio.
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